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to be honest, the only thing i don’t like about sex is the scrotum. i mean, obviously it has its practical applications, but i’m just not a fan.

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Felicity: The chemistry between the characters was a draw. We happened to get four women, who are really disparate and very different, and yet they weave this wonderful fabric. Their friendship seems so strong. They do terrible things to each other, and yet they come back and can lean back into the friendship and rely on it.

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Promise me this is not the last time we’re gonna play poker together.

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Desperate Housewives: Season 1
→ Everyone has a little dirty laundry.
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RIP: Desperate Housewives
October 3, 2004 - May 13, 2012

Trust is a fragile thing. Once earned, it affords us tremendous freedom. But once trust is lost, it can be impossible to recover. Of course the truth is, we never know who we can trust. Those we’re closest to can betray us, and total strangers can come to our rescue. In the end, most people decide to trust only themselves. It really is the simplest way to keep from getting burned.

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Mary Alice: This is the street where I used to live and these were the people with whom I shared my life. I met them the day they moved in. And I saw what they brought with them. Beautiful dreams for the future. And quiet hopes for a better life. Not just for themselves, but for their children, too. If I could, would I tell them what lies ahead? Would I warn them of the sorrow and betrayal that lie in store? No. From where I stand now, I see enough of the road to understand how it must be traveled. The trick is to keep moving forward, to let go of the fear and the regret that slow us down and keep us from enjoying a journey that will be over too soon. Yes, there will be unexpected bends in the road, shocking surprises we didn’t see coming, but that’s really the point. Don’t you think?

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